Disclaimer: Most of this is not meant to be taken seriously. What you are about to read are the politically incorrect views of the brony fandom. Remember, this is under wikia's Terms of Service. Therefore it is here to poke fun at each other, not attack them. If you can't handle that, feel free to leave . As for the rest of you, feel free to speak your mind about the pony fad, whether it is positive or negative.



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     is the savior of the fandom's image . It is believed to be run by a group of subhumans with the unconditional loving hivemind that it is akin to a six-month old puppy. So you better not say anythng bad to them, you ignorant sick bastard. After all, you wouldn't hurt a six month old puppy, would you?

    The abomination of a website is wielded under the power of the admin, Orange, aka. !!Celestia. He originally gained an appeal for the show on his own, unlike most others. 


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    Nothing happened. Go home, internet.

    The Spaghetti Dish

    Archive Brony Gives Pinkie Pie a Swing Ride

    Archive Brony Gives Pinkie Pie a Swing Ride

    Relatively not as much of a fail as the others, his appearance couldn't be anymore stereotypical. Why the hell would one have a motivation to film this?

    • Fat...check!
    • Brony shirt (Okay, taken out of context)...check!
    • Talking to nonexistant ponies...check!

    Spaghetti! Get it while it's hot!

    In the news…


    Deleted EqD page.

    Tosh.0 publicly broadcasted pony porn on Reddit, in front of an entirely public audience, completely uncensored and got away with it. Surprisingly, Hasbro has yet to take legal action here, despite their DMCA on a Lyra fucktoy . Much butthurt and rage ensued out of it, enough for Seth to take down the corresponding EqD page. Much more can be seen on the Youtube comments and Twitter replies.

    Expect more from this developing story. Hasbro doesn't just let people get away with this.

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