Welcome to the real world, mods of Ponychan. Nothing was meant to be sacred, and trolling will never be subdued.

After nine months of fighting the evil terrorist trolls from posting any scary stuff that might scar the poor kids for life, our favorite admin decided to cave and let us have one single measley board for ourselves, in early January 2012. The new "Everfree" board, /ef/, was the only place you can actually criticize people without getting the blue text of doom, and without foisting yourself into coming off a little fruity.

Considering /ef/ was far outside the realm of Ponychan regime, it instantly became one of the most popular boards on the site, being the predecessor of /mlp/ and mlpchan. Despite the "No gore, no porn" rule being enforced, the mods still believed it was a jimmy-rustling disaster. It is also speculated that /mlp/'s debut the folowing month only drove it further down this so-called disaster, but as we all know, a "disaster" in ponychan mode is calling someone racist or some stupid shit like that.

Typical /ef/feminate's desktop.

At the debut of /mlp/, many users from the two boards migrated or alternated between boards, making /ef/ the perfect junction between ponyfags on 4chan and ponychan. Originally, /mlp/'s rules were enforced, and was a little more civilized than it is now, witholding policies only a margin different from /ef/. It's similar to the relation between Packistan and Libya; they really aren't bothersome terrorists together. They had bigger things to do rather than kill each other.


That's right, flagged for promoting terrorism. lol. Sometime in March, !!Celestia (Orange) decided to come in and, despite his "I don't want to swipe the board from underneath you" attitude, and despite its very popular status, he discovered its lack of autism and was infuriated by it, and so, deleted the whole fucking board as a whole. Ever since he closed off the forest, relations between other chans have never been the same. Ever.

No, there's no way of bringing it back. The mods here have been cracking down on every-fucking-thing in order to coverlove the users that go there. Needless to say, this is yet another reason why it has been dropping the Alexa ranks.


In case you haven't known about it yet, Efchan is a spinoff site that has independently branched from ponychan, where it can freely make its transition from autism to true horsefuckery. Click here for fucking more info on this transition.

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