Derpibooru (Aka, Ponibooru 2.0) Is the second ressurection of Ponibooru after the original owner grew tired of fapping

Artist bickering that Zecora should be black when humanized.

to Rainbow Dash stroking Futashy's dick and finally decided to put his sickfuckery addiction to a rest. Before June 18, 2012, no one even fucking heard of this place, but of course, that all changed when our horsefuckers were forced to look elsewhere to circlejerk and steal other people's art from tumblr, as if anyone cared in the first place.

The TorrentsEdit

At the closing of Ponibooru, our site's owner threw out 5 torrents before deleting fucking everything.

1) ...Fucking Everything (approx. 400 gigs of faggotry)

2) Selected clean

3) All clean

4) Selected Clop

5) All clop (of course this was half of the site)

There really is absolutely nothing different between Ponibooru and Derpibooru beyond that.

How to troll DerpibooruEdit

1) Insist that human Twilight should be drawn black. (Proven to be really effective)

2) Upload fluffy ponies killing a beloved pony, preferably Fluttershy, then tag it as clop, futa, cum, anything in between.

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