/mlp/ on 10/10/12

The Five Million GET
is regarded as the most widely known GET on /mlp/, whether you like it or not. Or whether you give a shit about gets or not. But lucky for us it just seemed to coincide withMLP:FIM's 2nd birthdayon 10/10/12, with about 20,000 posts shy. These self righteous faggots weren't going to let it fall into the next day. Throughout the entire day, /mlp/ was flooded with some magical sparkly porn and "cum inside rainbow dash" threads more than fucking ever, engulfing most of 4chan's bandwidth.

Sometime around 9:00 PM EST, 3 hours before the next day, the traffic maxed out. Those poor servers couldn't defend themselves from faggotry of that magnitude, stirring butthurt throughout the community, yet failed to deliver lulz to its rival boards, /v/, /co/, and /b/, as they were taken down with their self-induced shitstorm. Four hours later, the faggot levels restabilized and returned the servers back online - an hour past midnight. As /mlp/'s plans failed, the flood came to an end.

On October 11, 04:26:46 EST, the following post resulted in another shitstorm.


What you'd think no one really would give a shit about turned the tables on those dedicated posters. The AiE writers stopped writing, the Tulpaists stopped tulpa-ing, fucking Mike Tyson stopped biting people's ears off, everyone in awe at the Applefags, as if it were the reinvention of sliced bread or something. For once, Applefags reigned in the nation of basement dwellers. However, some argue that OP was just trying to be different, and actually wasn't a true Applefag. These speculations are probably right.

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